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The Frankel Law Firm has been helping victims of lead poisoning and serious personal injuries for more than 30 years, and we’re proud of that legacy. During that time, our firm has fought and won precedent setting and landmark cases including having successfully litigated the case which established the regulatory liability of a landlord for childhood lead poisoning in New York City and the liability of a landlord for prenatal exposure of an unborn child to lead based paint.

We have recovered many millions of dollars for the victims of lead poisoning and other serious accident cases. If you or someone you love has been poisoned by lead or injured in a serious accident, please call for a free consultation with our attorneys.

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Hear what our clients say about us

Hear what our clients say about us

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Mr. Frankel headed my team of lawyers in a very complex wrongful firing dispute. The case lasted several years through hearings, appeals, remand, and involved many issues of contract interpretation, defamation and corporate law, Mr. Frankel never lost sight of the ultimate goal and kept his staff and the other attorneys working on our team focused and on task. He developed the overall big picture strategy of how to win the case while keeping his attention focused on the details, as well. A truly superior lawyer who I would recommend anytime!


Mr. Frankel is knowledgeable, professional, down to earth, and easy to speak to. His team is very accessible and was wonderful to work with. He was recommended to us as brilliant lawyer who gets results and would hold our hand throughout our ordeal, which is exactly what he did. He and his staff were so warm and friendly to us. Nothing was too big or too small for him and they made a difficult ordeal much easier to get through. I highly recommend the Frankel Law Firm.


I went to Michael Frankel, after consultation with other high profile lawyers. All of them refused to take my case, claiming that I could not win. Mr Frankel on the other hand took my case and we won big. I am so grateful to Michael for representing me and recommended him very highly. Anyone who hires him will not regret.


Mr. Frankel and his staff worked tirelessly to succeed on my behalf beyond my expectations. He is thoughtful, kind and most understanding. A true pleasure to deal with.


Michael Stewart Frankel was my lawyer. He handled my case and my children’s case professionally and won our case. He did not stop until we got the money!!!! We had a difficult case but, Mr. Frankel fought till the end. I am very happy with the end result. I would definitely refer him to my friends.


Mr. Frankel is an Excellent Lawyer! He took on my case when my son was diagnosed with lead poison. My son was a little under a year old. The family move around a lot since he took on the case BUT Mr. Frankel NEVER gave up on my son and I. The Case was time consuming but its FINALLY OVER! We Settled a short while ago, My son is now 21 years old.. and we are pleased. I give him 5 STARS!


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Past Verdicts & Settlement

$8 Million

Pedestrian Knockdown

$3 Million

Lead Poisoning

$3 Million

Pedestrian Knockdown

Frequently Asked Questions

I was operating a bicycle on a New York City street. A car struck my bicycle leaving me with serious physical injuries. I was taken to the emergency room. After my initial treatment I was treated by my family physician. Which insurance carrier is obligated to pay for my medical bills?

If you were struck by a car as described – think “No Fault Insurance”. The fact is that in most such situations you will be covered by no fault coverage as the primary insurance. That being the case, it is very important that you timely determine which insurance carrier will cover your injuries. In this case, the vehicle which hit your bicycle and caused your injuries will be responsible for such medical bills.

How long do I have to file a No Fault application for benefits?

It is very important to file the application for benefits within thirty (30) days of the accident though there are limited circumstances that such period can be extended.

How do I obtain the insurance carrier information from the car that hit me?

If you were advised already, you should immediately obtain the police accident report from your local police precinct. Bring proper identification if you go to the local precinct. This is the most effective manner of obtaining the report and should be done promptly after the accident. Alternatively, older police reports can be obtained by contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles online at https://dmv.ny.gov/get-accident-report.  Of course an attorney retained by you can obtain the report as well.

What information is contained in a police accident report?

The police report (MV104 -AN) will likely and should contain an insurance code for the vehicle that hit you. The code will reveal the identity of the applicable insurance company providing coverage to the motor vehicle. It will also provide basic information such the location of the accident, the identity if the driver and may indicate statements made by you and the driver of the other vehicle. It may also identify any witnesses to the accident. It is prudent that you speak to and retain your own lawyer. If possible, this should be done early in the process and that they communicate with the insurance carrier on your behalf.

Who prepares the application for No Fault benefits?

It is advisable to seek an attorney to guide you through this process and normally when you retain an attorney in a personal injury and/or property damage case, the lawyer will guide you through the no fault application process as well.

This process seems to be complicated. I am looking to retain an attorney. Will the attorney guide me thorough this process.

It is advisable to seek an attorney to guide you through this process and normally when you retain an attorney in a personal injury and/or property damage case, the lawyer will guide you through the no fault application process as well.

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