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Burn Injury Attorneys

Damage caused by burns is serious business — and sadly common. According to the American Burn Association, nearly half a million people in the U.S. receive medical treatment for burn injuries every year. Roughly 40,000 of those injuries are severe enough to require treatment in a burn center or an extended hospital stay.

Recovering from a significant burn is no small matter. In addition to the intense pain associated with such injuries, infections are a constant concern. Additionally, multiple cosmetic surgeries may be required to help burn sufferers recover as much of their prior appearance as possible. The scarring, discoloration and skin damage that occurs during serious burns can result in depression, anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem and other psychological issues.

In a densely populated urban area such as New York City, the risk of suffering fire or  radiator related injuries may be elevated. Because of this, it’s critically important to understand the best course of action (both medical and legal) to pursue if you’ve been the victim of a significant burn.

How to respond in the event of a burn injury

Because fires are fast-acting and the experience of being burned is traumatic, it’s understandable that those involved in fires often act on instinct. Yet making the right decisions in the wake of a fire can be a matter of life and death, so it’s important to know the protocol.

For serious burns, emergency personnel should be called immediately. After first responders are in route, burn victims should have their vital signs checked, and CPR administered if necessary. Jewelry, belts and other constricting items should be removed at once, as swelling is a byproduct of burn damage. It’s especially important to ensure the neck is free from any constriction. Burned clothes, however, should not be removed, as this may exacerbate skin damage.

Burns can be elevated (above the heart, ideally) and treated with a cool bandage, but should never be immersed in cold water, as this may precipitate shock or lead to lowered blood pressure.

Rendering first aid on scene can make a positive difference, but it’s important to ensure that protocol is followed. The wrong medical intervention can create more serious health problems for the victim.

Finding the right legal counsel

Recovery from serious burn injuries is often a physically and financially-taxing experience. It may take months or even years to reach maximum recovery, and victims often never regain their prior capabilities. Cosmetic injuries are often devastating. Once victims are medically stable, they often still face multiple rounds of cosmetic surgery to help them regain their former appearance. The process can take years and burn patients generally need substantial financial and emotional support to recover successfully.

At times burn injuries are caused by the fault of others. In apartment buildings burn injuries are often suffered by children and adults by touching a hot and exposed radiator which is missing a radiator cover or on an open and/or exposed heating pipe. Overheated scalding water is often associated with serious burns to children. Burns often occur as a result of exposure to chemical products such as house cleaners and other abrasive consumer products. We have handled such cases successfully for our clients.

The costs associated with medical treatment, recovery, as well as the severe pain and suffering associated with such injuries are all potentially recoverable if someone else’s defective product or negligence are the proximate cause of your injuries. By hiring the right attorney, you can help secure your financial interests. It is important to have a vigilant advocate fighting to ensure that you recover for all of your losses.

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