Continuing a Troubling Trend, 3rd Bronx Cyclist is Killed in Just Two Weeks

A 43-year-old Bronx man was killed after colliding with a Jeep on the Pelham Bay Bridge inside Pelham Bay Park on June 20.

Local police report that the man was traveling south on the bridge and riding an e-bike. The cyclist was traveling on the bridge’s sidewalk, which is adjacent to four lanes of traffic and has no dedicated protection for cyclists against cars and trucks.

While on the bridge, police say the cyclist lost control and left the sidewalk before entering the road where he was struck by a Jeep traveling north. The victim suffered massive head trauma and was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Jeep driver remained on the scene and was not charged.

Police released scant details about the incident and indicated the investigation is ongoing.

Death Continues a Troubling Trend

The death of the Bronx cyclist is the third such fatality in June. On June 8, another Bronx man died after sustaining serious injuries during a crash on Willis Avenue. On June 11, another Bronx cyclist was struck and killed by a truck driver who had swerved to avoid a double-parked car.

In total, eight NYC cyclists have died in 2020, despite traffic density being much lower due to COVID-19. Last year saw the deaths of more than 20 local cyclists — the highest number in a decade.

While local officials have repeatedly promised to take a harder line against reckless driving that endangers cyclists, little progress has been made. Additionally, safety initiatives that are vitally important for keeping local cyclists protected (such as the expansion of bike lanes and harm reduction through redesign or re-engineering at notoriously dangerous intersections) have been stalled by COVID-19.

The city has been forced to slash millions of dollars from its budget that were earmarked for street safety. With greater numbers of cyclists continuing to choose bikes as a socially distant alternative to mass transit, it’s likely that this trend will persist unless city officials make good on their promise to protect cyclists.

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