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Sports Injury Lawyers

Recreational sports are exceedingly popular — yet they are also responsible for millions of injuries every year. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than eight million sports-related injuries occur annually. While many of these injuries may be coincidental and not related to anyone’s fault, some of them are the result of negligence.

Some of the most common types of sports-related injuries include broken bones, concussions, torn ligaments, strained or torn muscles and head, neck or back trauma. Even if you’ve signed a waiver that purportedly absolves the organizer, other players or the property owner of liability, you still may have legal options open to you should you suffer an injury. Poor field or facility conditions, misconduct by other players or improper or inadequate oversight from a coach are just a few of the scenarios where legal action may be possible and warranted.

What to do in the case of a sports injury

If you’ve been injured while playing sports, your first priority is to seek medical care. Many sports injuries (particularly those that involve head trauma) may be much more serious than they initially appear. By seeking medical care at once, you can help ensure you receive the necessary treatment in a timely fashion.

If possible, you should also speak to any witnesses who observed your injury. Ask them to provide you with contact information in case they need to provide a statement at a later date. Additionally, you should photograph or take a video of any conditions that contributed to your injury. If you were injured by defective equipment or dangerous conditions, make sure you document these things.

You should also make sure you keep a detailed account of all expenses you’ve accrued as a result of your injury. This includes medical treatment, insurance co-pays, time missed from work, rehabilitation costs, transportation costs etc. A serious sports injury can result in months or years of recovery time. In the most serious cases, victims may never regain mobility or full use of damaged areas, and may suffer permanent cognitive issues in the event of head trauma.

Because serious sports injuries generally affect active, healthy people, the physical and mental after-effects of these injuries can be profound. Victims may suffer from depression or anxiety as a result of diminished capacity. The may also experience a reduced quality of life, as many of their favorite physical activities will now be out of reach. Treatment costs can also grow exponentially, placing victims under financial pressure when they are least able to handle it.

To help ensure that you’re in the best possible position for a full recovery, it’s important that you seek out experienced legal counsel if you’ve been the victim of a sports-related injury.

Finding the right sports injury attorney

Cases involving serious sports injuries can be quite complex to litigate. Because of this, it’s essential to work with an attorney or law firm with experience in this area of the law.

By finding an experienced attorney, you can get on the road to recovery and help ensure that you receive just and fair compensation to which you may be entitled under the law.

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Verdicts & Settlements

  • $8 Million for Pedestrian Knockdown Case
  • $3 Million for Lead Poisoning Case
  • $3 Million for Pedestrian Knockdown Case
  • 2.6 Million for Lead Poisoning Case
  • 2.2 Million for Lead Poisoning Case
  • 2 Million for Lead Poisoning Case
  • 1.875 Million for Defective Product Case
  • 1.5 Million for Lead Poisoning Case
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