19th NYC Cyclist Killed, Raising More Safety Concerns

A terrible year for New York City cyclists continues to get worse.

A 52-year-old man riding his bike in Brooklyn was struck by an SUV and pinned under the vehicle on Aug. 11. His death was the 19th cycling fatality in NYC this year — more than double the number of all cycling deaths in 2018.

Video of the crash showed a car run a red light and collide with an SUV at high speed. The SUV was then pushed into cyclist Jose Alzorriz. The driver of the SUV and a pedestrian were also hurt in the crash.

Mayor Bill De Blasio, who has been an outspoken advocate for cycling safety, called for criminal charges against the 18-year-old driver who ran the red light. In a statement to New York media, De Blasio said:

“Of course, there should be numerous charges right now,” he said. “If you kill someone through your negligence, maybe that’s not murder one — I’m not a lawyer — but I’d say it should be a serious, serious charge with many years in prison because it’s negligence. It’s not that something unavoidable happened and the driver was put in a horrible situation.”

The New York Cycling Community Responds

Rising cycling deaths have prompted action from the local cycling community. Roughly 1,000 bike messengers and recreational cyclists staged a mass “die in” at Washington Square Park this summer to protest dangerous riding conditions. Cyclists have also engaged in street protests, blocking traffic in Chelsea following a fatal cycling collision.

718 Cyclery, a Brooklyn bike shop, is now keeping a window display with a running toll of local cycling deaths. The shop’s owner says he hopes the sign keeps attention focused on the dangers that local cyclists are facing.

Vision Zero and Green Wave: Are They Sufficient Remedies?

Mayor De Blasio and city officials have promised action to help make local roads safer for cyclists. This action comes in the form of two initiatives: Vision Zero and Green Wave.

Vision Zero is a broad road and traffic safety program that has pledged to end all traffic-related deaths by 2024. However, the safety improvements associated with the plan have failed to gain significant traction. Some transportation experts say that Vision Zero’s benefits are being outweighed by the fact that more New Yorkers are choosing to drive rather than take mass transit.

Green Wave is a newer, cycling-specific safety initiative. De Blasio announced the program this summer to considerable fanfare, but the impact of the initiative remains to be seen.

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