A Guide for What to Do Next if You’ve Been Involved in a Cycling Collision

Post-Bicycle Crash Checklist

Any experienced cyclist understands that accidents are bound to happen. It’s the part of the price we pay for enjoying the unbridled freedom of trails, paths and roads.

Yet accidents of our own making are much different than collisions caused by the negligence of another party. Every year, thousands of cyclists are seriously injured, or even killed, because others failed to proceed safely or maintain property in a way that meets safety standards.

Given the risks involved, it’s important to understand precisely what to do in the moment when an accident occurs. We’ve created the following checklist to help you react in the safest and most measured possible fashion.

Post-Crash Checklist

  1. Immediately move out of the road. Oncoming traffic represents a serious and possibly mortal danger for cyclists after a collision.
  2. Slowly assess your physical condition. Once you’re safely out of traffic, make sure that you can walk and move your limbs without pain. Attend to any cuts or scrapes you’ve suffered…
  3. Contact first responders if necessary. If your crash was significant, it makes sense to contact emergency personnel. Even if your injuries are not readily apparent, you may have internal organ damage or an injury to your neck or spine. These injuries may take hours, days or even weeks to manifest.
  4. Examine your helmet for any cracks. If the accident generated enough force to crack your helmet, you may be at risk of a concussion.
  5. If another cyclist or motorist is involved with the collision, exchange information. You’ll also want to ask for a police report number from the responding officer, should this be warranted.
  6. If any witnesses are present, ask them for contact information. Their testimony could be of vital importance if an insurance claim or lawsuit is ultimately pursued.
  7. Once you’ve assessed your physical state, examine your bike for damage. Carefully inspect the wheels, frame and components of the bike.
  8. Take photos and video, if possible, of your physical injuries and any damage to your bike.
  9. Immediately begin a running tally of all expenses you’ve incurred as the result of the collision.
  10. If the accident was significant, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.


How the Right Attorney Can Help You Recover

If you’ve been injured in a bike crash and another party is responsible, it’s advisable to contact an attorney who is primarily focused on this kind of litigation. While it may be possible to be compensated by dealing directly with the other party’s insurer, such scenarios are not favorable for most crash victims. Insurance companies employ highly trained negotiators who have one objective: To get you to settle for as little as possible. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can level the playing field, and help ensure that you are fairly treated and will recover fair and just compensation.

At The Frankel Law Firm, we’ve been helping the victims of serious accidents in which they have suffered personal injury and property damage for more than four decades. Feel free to call us for a no fee consultation at (212) 888-5100 or you can conveniently use the contact form at All injury victims are represented on a contingency fee basis – which means that there will be no attorneys fee unless you recover.

At the Frankel Law Firm we have the knowledge, experience and insight to help you obtain a settlement or verdict that reflects the gravity of your injuries. Recoveries should compensate you for your injuries and suffering. We will help you obtain that compensation.

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