Going Cycling in New York City in 2019? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re a New York City cyclist, you’ve had a lot to cheer about over the last decade. Thanks to a variety of public and private initiatives, the biking infrastructure in all five boroughs has been significantly expanded.

As fall draws closer, New York cyclists are seizing the chance to hit the road during some of the best riding conditions of the year.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some important recent developments in New York cycling, along with some advice to help you safely navigate the road.

 E-bikes are Now Legal in New York City

Though electric-powered bicycles (e-bikes) have been popular in California and other states for quite some time, New York City had prohibited such vehicles until July, 2018. With the law now changed, City Bike has introduced 200 new e-bikes into their public fleet.

These e-bikes (also called “pedal assist” bikes), can help cyclists get to their destinations faster, as they can reach speeds of around 20 miles-per-hour. Cyclists should bear in mind, however, that this added speed can raise the risk of a serious collision, if e-bikes are not operated with caution.

To Dock or Not to Dock?

Electronic bikes aren’t the only significant new development on the New York City cycling scene in 2018 — dockless cycling is also making its debut.

Unlike standard City Bikes, which must be docked into a station after use, dockless bikes can be left almost anywhere. Riders simply use a smartphone app to locate and unlock the nearest bike, and pay around $2 for a ride.

As part of a pilot program, the state Department of Transportation (DoT) has granted five dockless bike providers approval to operate in the following neighborhoods:

  • Rockaway Beach, Queens
  • State Island’s North Shore
  • Coney Island
  • Central Bronx (Fordham)

If the pilot program is a success, DoT officials have said they would like to expand dockless bike availability across the city.

More Bike Lanes and Other Projects in the Works

New York City has been adding cycling infrastructure at a rapid clip — and yet because of heavy demand, bike lanes and paths can still sometimes be congested.

For cyclists seeking to learn where and when infrastructure additions and safety improvements will be made, there is no better resource than the DoT’s “Current Bicycle Route Projects” Web page.

The page provides frequent updates on all the bicycle projects currently underway in the city, and also offers news about future developments.

Cycling Injuries on the Rise

While New York’s cycling infrastructure has become one of the nation’s best and largest, the addition of so many new cyclists on the city’s roads, paths and trails has created a spike in the number of collisions.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious cycling injury, it’s vitally important to consult an experienced local attorney.

Because personal injury cases are often quite complex, an experienced attorney can play a critical role in helping ensure that you’re treated fairly under the law.

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