The Federal Drug Administration Has Issued a Warning Against the Use of a Supplement Known as Balgiti Kesaria

On August 4, 2017, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to parents and caregivers not to use “Balguti Kesaria (or Kesaria Balguti)” which is used in Ayurvedic Medicine” as a natural remedy to boost a baby’s growth and immunity to disease. Ayurvedic Medicine is an ancient medical system originating in India. It apparently remains one of India’s approaches to treatment. It utilizes herbs, minerals and metals. No states in the United States license practitioners of Avurvedic medicine. There are some jurisdictions which may license such practitioners within the rubric of midwifery or message therapy.

The FDA warning was issued because of the increased risk of lead poisoning caused by the ingestion of this product. The product was implicated in the lead poisoning of two children in Michigan and was found to contain lead by the North Carolina Division of Public Health. The FDA did not review the product for safety and/or effectiveness.

Ayurvedic products may have the potential to be toxic and have not been studied in clinical trials for safety and efficacy. They are considered dietary supplements and thus do not have the safeguards that drugs have.

“Balguti Kesaria (or Kesaria Balguti) is apparently marketed online and it appears to have been imported at least to some extent from India.

The FDA issued a recommendation that anyone currently taking the product should stop immediately.

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