Two New Yorkers Killed in Truck Accidents, Just Hours Apart

With pedestrian and cycling deaths on the rise this year, New Yorkers are practicing extra caution when navigating city streets.

Unfortunately, even the most cautious people can still be victimized by forces outside their control.

On Jan. 7, a mother and her child were struck by a city sanitation truck near the intersection of 57th and 97th Streets. The mother was walking her child to school at 7 a.m. and the pair were struck while the garbage truck driver was exiting a driveway.

First responders rushed the pair to Elmhurst Hospital where both were admitted in critical condition. The boy died shortly thereafter.

A second deadly truck collision occurred in Brooklyn just hours later when a 68-year-old woman was struck by a cement truck as she crossed New Utrecht Avenue.

Video of the incident showed the woman enter the walkway legally, then begin crossing the street, moving slowly and supported by a cane. The light for oncoming traffic changed from red to green before she could make it safely across, and a truck driver struck her after accelerating through the intersection following the light change.

A Disturbing Pattern of Accidents

The two deaths were already the 3rd and 4th of 2020. In 2019, 219 people were killed on New York City streets, including 122 pedestrians and 19 cyclists. Children and the elderly are especially at risk; the 10-year-old killed on Jan. 7 was the seventh child under the age of 11 to be fatally struck in a NYC traffic accident over the last year. Meanwhile, people over 65 represented nearly one-third of pedestrian deaths in NYC last year.

No tickets or arrests were made in the two fatal incidents on Jan. 7.

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