Scaffolding Accident Kills One and Injures Three

A New York City constructor worker was killed and three more people injured after a chain reaction accident

The accident occurred at a residential building undergoing facade restoration work. Media reports say a parapet dropped from a 12-story building on E. 36th St. near Lexington Avenue.

A Deadly Chain Reaction

While the workers were repairing the facade, debris broke loose and slammed into a rig holding the construction crew. The force created by the debris caused the rig to then slam into the scaffolding. This chain of events caused the scaffolding to collapse and kill a 50-year-old construction worker.

Authorities were not able to identify whether the worker who was killed fell from the scaffolding or was struck while standing below.

Residents Say Building Was in Poor Shape

Randy Kronish, a building resident who lives in an 11th floor condo, told the New York Daily News that the roof of the building was falling into disrepair.

“They should have done something about the roof a long time ago,” Kronish said. “The building was in bad shape.”

The workers were performing facade restoration work for Edras Construction Group, according to city officials.

Following the accident, the injured workers were transported to a local hospital by first responders and treated for significant injuries.

The construction death is the second in New York City in 2020. In February, David Johnson, 50, was killed as he worked on the second floor of a building that was in the process of being demolished.

Finding the Right Construction Accident Attorney

Experience is critically important for handling complex injury cases. Insurers and property owners often employ expert negotiators tasked with getting victims to settle for as little as possible. Additionally, it can be difficult to establish liability in some cases, depending on factors such as who owns or leases the property and the actions of the construction crew hired to work on the buildings.

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